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Review: Pass Labs X250.8 power amplifier

The equipment upgrade path in my household steepened in late December of 2014. I thought I was in shape, but I’ve been panting. A lot. I’d been using a Parasound A21 power amplifier for the past couple years. Before that I had a 7.1 Marantz home theater amp, the MM8003. Previous to that, a craptastic …

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A Bottle In the Virtual Ocean: Pass Labs, Zesto, Acoustic Zen

Does anyone out there have direct experience with any combination of the following? Acoustic Zen Crescendo Mk II speakers Pass Labs X250.5 or X250.8 amp Zesto Leto preamp Zesto Andros preamp I’m mostly curious how the Zestos work with Pass labs’ amps, and how either the amp/preamp would sound with the Acoustic Zen speakers. I’ve …

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After 7 days decompressing at Kaua’i’s Moloa’a Bay, I’ve resumed what nearly resembles normal life. Tanned (OK, mildly sunburnt), somewhat rested, semi-ready…albeit with an bad head cold caught on the plane home. While sneezing, blowing my nose, totaling up receipts from the trip, wincing, and chiseling away at my my checkbook balance, my imagination somehow …

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