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Bad Packing, Bad Scene, Unsatisfactory $45 Transaction

Let’s talk crappy mailers and bad packing. This time from Scotland. Total cost of this package was about $45.00. The media included an LP, CD, and some postcards. The LP is limited to 250 and numbered. I liked what I heard on Bandcamp and figured it’d be good to have the album on vinyl. Before …

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Mu-ziq “Somerset Avenue Tracks (1992 – 1995)” 2xLP

….my imagination drifts back to a more innocent time where a certain CD diet consisted largely of Vapourspace, Ken Ishii, Irresistible Force, Locust, Aphex Twin… Boomkat is soliciting this exclusive double-LP compilation today, but it doesn’t appear to be on sale yet on its site. Or maybe it sold out already? [updated 2/18/13 12:13PT – …

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