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Favorite Releases of 2013

Nils Frahm live video

Nils Frahm screengrab

Here’s some excellent footage of keyboardist Nils Frahm live in Copehagen from February of this year. Electric piano, synths, sequencers and piano are all brought into the mix to create something improvisationally enthralling and uniquely Frahmian (Frahmesque?).

New streaming track from Nils Frahm

Latest LP acquistions: part I

A week away from the office. Four cardboard mailers and a dozen or so LPs scattered across the desk…such a pleasant welcome-back. No choice but to just dive in. F.S Blumm and Nils Frahm Music For Lovers Music Versus Time / Music For Wobbling Music Versus Gravity (Sonic Pieces Germany) 2xLP On the first disc, …

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