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Quiet Music – A Bandcamp Playlist

In my parallel existence as a Music Business Professional — a middleman, if you will — I believe I’m supposed to feel threatened by Bandcamp. I don’t. Not yet, anyway. Twinewheel [Lost-Sides and Dusty-Gems 1994–2005] by KILN What Are You Searching For by Helios Charcoal by Brambles Bersarin Quartett by Bersarin Quartett recalling my insubstantial …

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2014 List Noise

COAPTA screesnhot

Tis the season for best-of-2014 lists. In the din and clamor of indulgently long staff-list best-ofs on Pitchfork, artist lists on Boomkat, and self-important blogger bloviating, I thought I’d get in on some of the latter action and add to the noise with my own little rundown of stuff I liked. You can find further …

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Coming Soon: Loscil “Sea Island”

This new Loscil album on Kranky might not change the world, but the Earth’s going to seem like a much better place when you listen to it. Released November 17; review soon!