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Pono Now Does DSD

Pono released a firmware update for its Player this last Wednesday. The big news: DSD playback has been added. Last weekend I downloaded and installed the update, then sideloaded a batch of DSD files to the Pono Player. I bought Blood On the Tracks from AcousticSounds’ store and cued up “Buckets of Rain” and “If …

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PS Audio DirectStream DAC

As a PerfectWave Mk II w/Bridge owner, I’ll be excited to hear what this is all about. It’s an overhaul of the PerfectWave DAC; the revised hardware will convert PCM to DSD. Yes. Excited. More details in the PS Audio forum.

iFi nano iDSD – Part Four: the First Week…Pros and Cons

Some updates: On Friday I was able to get my iPhone working with the $189 nano iDS DSD DAC/headphone amp. I can’t explain why; it just began to operate as it should. Good news. Things also stabilized with the iDSD’s operation as a desktop DAC/headphone amp with my Mac Pro at work. I haven’t heard …

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iFi nano iDSD – Part Three: real-world usablity and other random notes

Today I BARTed back to work and put the iDSD through its paces with the iPad, iPhone, and my Mac Pro desktop at the office. Some observations: * The iFi nano iDSD + Apple Camera Kit doesn’t work with the iPod Classic 160gb. Or, at least, it doesn’t work with mine. I assume it’s optimized …

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iFi nano iDSD – Part Two: DSD and second impressions

In part one, I reviewed iFi’s new nano iDSD as an iPad headphone amp/DAC. I played around with the setup a bit more this morning. I hooked the iDSD to my home system and experimented with the RCA outs and the digital coax output, running the box directly into my power amp and into my …

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Ryuichi Sakamoto’s “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” score (w/ bonus tracks) on DSD

Ryuichi Sakamoto’s 1983 score to Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence has been reissued in Japan as a 2xCD set with an extra disc of bonus tracks. As of yesterday, December 16th, e-onkyo has high resolution files on sale (including DSF 5.6MHz for a mere $68). Also available digitally is the solo piano version of the score, …

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DAR on DSD at T.H.E. Newport

I like John Darko’s Digital Audio Review site. He knows his stuff.  Yeah, a lot of people know their stuff. He manages to wrap his stuff up with a direct, readable style and a sense of humor. Today he summed up the DSD offerings at T.H.E. Newport and pointed out some issues with the format.

Blue Coast Records Puts DSD Where Its Mouth Is

I attempt to avoid cliches like “bleeding edge” and “pushing the envelope,” but Blue Coast Records is evangelizing for DSD like no other label. The’re recording performers with state-of-the-art DSD setups, then offering a $200 coupon for the high-resolution downloads from their online store with the purchase of the Mytek DSD-capable DAC. Long live vertical …

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“Why don’t you guys just listen to the music?”

This is the first DSD shootout I’ve seen chronicled online, with units ranging from $850 to $13,000.


I’m gonna start this with some blustery, self-involved credentials. Okay? Good. I’ve been buying, downloading and playing high-resolution digital music files since about 2009, when I bought a PS Audio PerfectWave DAC. Earlier this year I decided there was no turning back, and began ripping LPs to 24/96 via “needle drops” on an old M-Audio …

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