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PS Audio Bridge is bricked by new DirectStream

I ordered and received a PS Audio DirectStream last week. I grabbed my old PerfectWave Mk II with Bridge, ran a firmware update on the latter, pulled the card out of the Mk II and slid it into the DirectStream. Booted it up. No dice. Bridge not recognized, IP not showing up on web browser …

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Review: Pass Labs X250.8 power amplifier

The equipment upgrade path in my household steepened in late December of 2014. I thought I was in shape, but I’ve been panting. A lot. I’d been using a Parasound A21 power amplifier for the past couple years. Before that I had a 7.1 Marantz home theater amp, the MM8003. Previous to that, a craptastic …

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PS Audio DirectStream DAC

As a PerfectWave Mk II w/Bridge owner, I’ll be excited to hear what this is all about. It’s an overhaul of the PerfectWave DAC; the revised hardware will convert PCM to DSD. Yes. Excited. More details in the PS Audio forum.