Doty residence pool, Na Aina Kai preserve, Kilauea, Kaua'i. Photo by ME. After 7 days decompressing at Kaua’i’s Moloa’a Bay, I’ve resumed what nearly resembles normal life. Tanned (OK, mildly sunburnt), somewhat rested, semi-ready…albeit with an bad head cold caught on the plane home.

While sneezing, blowing my nose, totaling up receipts from the trip, wincing, and chiseling away at my my checkbook balance, my imagination somehow drifted to the California Lottery and the material delights it might afford my girlfriend and I. I mean, with a long-desired, tropical-inspired heated pool in the backyard, would we even have to plan trips to Hawaii?

And with a tube preamplifier like the Zesto Leto, would I even bother whining about substandard remastering jobs on LP reissues?* Wouldn’t that $7500 bit of hardware take some of the sting out of a sibilant and lamely uninspiring piece of vinyl?** Wouldn’t those LPs sound BETTER?***

The Leto, you ask? Yes. The Leto.

* Yes.


***I like to think so.

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