Kevin Ayers 1944-2013

Kevin AyersKevin Ayers passed away in his sleep on February 18th. He was 68 years old.

MOJO has posted a sincerely touching and thoughtful remembrance.

My closest encounter with Kevin was in 1993 at a solo acoustic show at the much-missed Club Komotion in San Francisco. There was a seemingly bottomless glass of (I think) sherry on the stool next to him, and as night progressed he became quite…relaxed. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to forgive him when he forgot the words to “Lady Rachel”.

The mood in the room– essentially a long, narrow, dusty, warehouse-storefront rehearsal space/studio with tattered couches and 2×4-and-plywood risers– was happy. You got the sense the audience knew this wasn’t the sort of thing that would happen again (or be forgotten!), and everyone appreciated that.

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