i'd rather be in haena   

or anyplace with more trees and less concrete


updated 7/10/10

**the good fight:

amnesty international
ayaan hirsi ali
the benetech
bonaparte’s retreat
the bridge school
california oak mortality task force
captive daughters
center for orangutan and chimpanzee conservation
christians for the mountains
conservatory of flowers
creativity explored
creative growth
cross-cultural solutions
daniel pearl foundation
freepress community internet
friends of the modesto library
gold star families for peace
carl hiaasen
iraq veterans against the war
kaua’i food bank
kaua’i flood victims memorial fund
kaua’i invasive species committee
kiva – loans that change lives
limahuli tropical botanical garden
the long now foundation
malalai joya
media access project
midpeninsula regional open space district
henry miller library
henry miller library – the blog
humanimal connection
military families speak out
muttville – senior dog rescue
nepalese youth opportunity foundation
new america foundation
orchid mania
parque pumalin
pets are wonderful support
plant extinction prevention program of hawai’i
playpumps international
project coyote
project insight
public knowledge
save the chimps
save the internet
second harvest food bank
sempervirens fund
sounds of the earth
sunset youth services
surfrider kauai

**think local, browse local


kings mountain art fair
kings mountain echo
kings mountain online
kings mountain weather

star hill index

commitee for green foothills
midpeninsula regional open space district
open space neighbors yahoo group
peninsula open space yahoo group
peninsula open space trust
san mateo coast natural history association

**information, entertainment, frivolity:

fiona apple
ars technica
arthur magazine
the best show on wfmu
better bad news
beauty and dust
blog of a bookslut
gavin bryars on “jesus’ blood never failed me yet”
kate burkart (facebook)
kate burkart (myspace)
buzz machine
cats love macs
cloud factory
collision detection
columbia journalism review [blog]
columbia journalism review [magazine]
community channel on youtube
ana marie cox
victoria williams/creekdippers
crooks and liars
the daily kitten
the day the clown cried
digital fog
andrew earles/failed pilot
elbo.ws mp3 blog aggregator
encyclopedia of business cliches
guardian uk
harry shearer
hawai’i superferry impact
heather havrilesky
carl hiaasen
hipsters are annoying
kaua’i eclectic
leslie hyde
it conversations
jay maynard’s TRON costume
kauai backstory
mike keneally tries out for frank zappa
LA dog trainer corrections
larry sanders show episode guide
larry sanders show on youtube
the long tail
low culture
lynne rutter
mac devcenter
mac news network
ann magnuson
madge weinstein
mark’s very large national lampoon site
marshall mcluhan
maud newton
media bistro
mr. show/bob & david
mr. show on youtube
my damn channel
na aina kai botanical gardens
terry riley
todd rundgren connection
rundgren’s “the fool” SG – history
san francisco composers chamber orchestra
scharpling and wurster
harry shearer’s eat the press
stephanie provines
georgia stigall
the superficial
stuff on my cat
transformer man: an exploration of disability in neil young’s life and music (.pdf file)
the unofficial apple weblog
web economy bullshit generator
werner herzog archive blog
wide awake in wonderland
erling wold
the yes men
yoga nidra

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Q: Do you find yourself more religious as you get older?

A: My faith has always been there. It’s just not organized. Like there’s no doctrine, no book that I follow. There’s no story that I follow. To me, the forest is my church. It’s a cathedral to me. If I need to think, I’ll go for a walk in the trees, I’ll go for a walk on the prairie or I’ll go for a walk on the beach. Wherever the environment is most extreme is where I will go, and I will go no matter what. If there’s a moon, I’ll try to get out and walk under the moon. So it’s a natural thing with me. That’s just the way it is.

–Neil Young, SOMA magazine, 2006