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Uncensored Sarah Palin Turkey-Slaughter Footage

by admin - November 21st, 2008.
Filed under: 08 Elections, palin.

“You need a little bit of levity in this job.”
Palin yammers semi-incoherently while a bloodstain-trouser’d poultry executioner beheads turkeys in the background.
The ostensible reason for the media event was the pardoning of a local Wasilla turkey in honor of Thanksgiving. Poised in her Burberry scarf and designer frames, clutching a Starbucks, Palin seems oblivious to the lurid slaughter behind her. When asked by the cameraperson if she really wanted this tableau as a backdrop, Palin chirped “no worries!”
SNL can no longer satirize this person. She’s cornered the market.

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