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Live 8 and the Liberal Guilt Echo Chamber

by admin - July 2nd, 2005.
Filed under: africa, human rights, media.

It’s all good. Or, at least, it’s all good intentions.
Sam Kinison once said that we shouldn’t be sending money to the starving people in Africa– we should send them luggage. So they could move to where the food is.
That’s glib and cruel, sure. Maybe this should be updated to “move to where the food is, and the corrupt governments aren’t.” Is there any assurance that the millions of dollars going to Live 8 won’t be squandered on administrative costs, and/or pilfered by the criminals running many of the countries affected?
So, on this commercial-laden Live 8 holiday weekend– when the focus seems to be on self-effacing, aging popstars- remember, as always, to keep the celebrity-worship in perspective, and, more than ever, keep in mind some important links:

Human Rights Watch

AIDS and Africa
Doctors Without Borders

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