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Streaming Radio

by admin - November 12th, 2008.
Filed under: mp3, music, small talk, tech.

I’ve reactivated Nicecast streaming. An older Mac laptop is hooked up to a 275 gig hard drive full of AACs and MP3s. It’s feeding an iTunes app set on “shuffle.”
The URL is http://limahuli.dnsalias.com:8000/listen.m3u
I’ll keep this running until a) I get bored with it, b) the laptop overheats, or c) the RIAA and/or Comcast come through the door with billyclubs. Enjoy.
[update 12/3/08: Due to overwhelming apathy, I've temporarily discontinued the Nicecast stream unless folks email me and apologize for having something better to do, you unsupportive sloths].

[update: sorry, stream has been discontinued for the time being...]

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