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Linky Blinky Heart

by admin - October 8th, 2008.
Filed under: 08 Elections, ana marie cox, elections, government, mccain palin, palin.

So much sleaze, desperation and incompetence, so little time to catch up.
Yeah, Senator McCain. Looks like you’re following in Bush’s boots when it comes to buying into the Peter Principle… Meg Whitman as Treasury Secretary? Hilarious.
Let’s talk about McCain’s pep rally soundtracks.
Conservative Republican mouthpieces continue to speak truth to mediocrity.
(Do they ever).
It’s no surprise that Palin is pimping her son’s tour of duty in Iraq as a rhetorical device. McCain takes the low road, and his operatives manage to take it below sea level. What’s up with that?
Now I get it.

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