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Liveblogging the Prezadenshal Dabayt

by admin - October 7th, 2008.
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7:30: “What don’t you know, and how will you learn it?”
Obama answers the question he wished he’d been asked, like any politician, and says “here’s what I DO know…” and talks about his upbringing and how it’s helped form his world view. He edits his stump speech, in other words.
McCain answers more directly: we don’t know “what’s going to happen both here and abroad.”
and “I don’t know what the unexpected will be.”
7:28: The conventional wisdom of Obama = calm and statesman seems to be reinforced tonight. Actually, the whole debate has been kind of boring. Or maybe that Palin/Biden thing just raised the bar for debate-as-spectacle.
7:23: Yes or no: Is Russia under Putin the Evil Empire? Obama: kinda. McCain: “Maybe.”
7:19: McCain seems bent on contextualizing his Iraq and Pakistan policies in the form of extended whining about Obama and it’s not going over well.
7:13: Brokaw: “I’m just hired help here.”
7:07: McCain’s continual use of the phrase “my friends” manages to be both condescending and pandering. It’s a junk phrase he uses to play for time until he can come up with the next Obama slam. Good thing I ran out of vodka back around 6:45.
7:01: I haven’t been paying much attention to the Uncommited Ohio Voters graph on CNN’s screen until now, but Jesus, it just took a nosedive during McCain’s first foreign policy answer.
6:56: Health care is a responsibility: McCain. Health care is a right: Obama.
McCain is trying to keep Obama on his heels, and Obama’s taking extra time to clarify the misrepresentations of his policies. I’m not sure it’s working, but it may be making Obama look defensive, which isn’t good. McCain whines something about “hearing about the size of the fine?” All ignore him, as they should. And no one laughs.
6:55: McCain: Senator Obama will FINE you if you look at him funny! Be afraid!
6:48: Both candidates are ranting and rambling and Brokaw, exasperated, acts like dad, pointing at the traffic lights as the kids keep driving through them…
6:41: Again McCain alleges Obama has never taken on his party “on a single issue.” I take another shot of vodka. The bottle’s getting low.
6:39: “The Straight Talk Express lost a wheel on that one!” Obama goes back to clarify his tax policy as misrepresented by McCain.
6:35: Can I just say how glad I am that the moderators are keeping these debates from becoming brain-dead pep rallies? It’s so good to have a quiet audience. Okay. Thanks for listening.
6:33: Senator Obama, you need to tell us how willing you are to hide the keys to the liquor cabinet. Whip some tough love on us, won’t you?
6:30: McCain couldn’t prepare for the first debate and save the economy at the same time, but now he’s lecturing the audience on how to multitask during a crisis.
6:29: An internet question (thank lord not a Youtube question): When are we going to be asked to sacrifice anything? (Um…well, so 700 billion last week wasn’t enough for you?)
6:28: Brokaw again spanks both on time issues.
6:25: McCain on nuclear power plants: “Build a whole buncha them!”
6:22: “Senator Obama has never taken on his party on a single issue.” That’s because they were united against one of the worst Administrations in history, John.
6:19: McCain has gotten at least one dig at Obama per response thus far.
6:18: Brokaw follows up with a discussion question: Senator Obama, are you willing to say the sky is falling? Obama says um, probably not. McCain waffles along the same lines.
6:16: Obama brushes off McCain’s charges and instead characterizes McCain as “a deregulator.” He then tells the audience “you’re not interested in hearing politicians point fingers.”
6:12: McCain parses ‘bailout’ vs. ‘rescue’. He then goes after Obama and “his cronies” for the Freddie Mac/Fanny Mae debacle. I sense the waters are being chummed.
6:10: Brokaw politely spanks both candidates for going overtime on their answers.
6:10: Meg Whitman is was the CEO of a company that’s seen its market cap shrink, its customer base dwindle and online presence shrivel. Sure, McCain, give her the job of Treasury Secretary. Great experience.
6:09: “Not you, Tom.” Uh, OK, John. Way to play for time. Not.
6:07: McCain’s answer doesn’t include a direct dig at Obama, although there is a mention of Obama’s attendance at this town hall meeting. Gee Barack, John would’ve been a lot nicer to you over the past month or so if you’d have just agreed to that series of town hall meetings – ya big bully!
6:06: Obama’s first reply (about the economy) disses “failed economic policies of the past eight years.” This may be a drinking game cue.
6:05: Obama has won the coin toss and elects to receive.
6:03: Tom Brokaw introduces the format with his gravitas-flecked slur. He promises the audience will be “constrained.”
5:56: I’m not sure I have the energy for this. We’ll see if I can discover some motivation along the way.

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