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Veep Versus Veep

by admin - October 2nd, 2008.
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Summing up: Palin kept her head above water, but her answers seemed random and erratic and, ultimately, unconvincing. She was exceedingly evasive in answering most direct questions and not very good at it, either.
Biden: did what he needed to do. Passionate but even-handed. No real surprises; the guy is smart and experienced. He kept most of the abrasive elements of his personality toned down and communicated extremely well. No one can doubt this guy’s brains and conviction.
7:34: Biden’s closing remarks are statesmanlike and show insight and humility.
I want a drink.
7:30: Sarah counts her blessings about being able to answer questions “without the filter of the mainstream media.” On CNN. During prime time.
Her closing remarks constitute more of the same. I can’t really remember anything she said, nor do I want to.
7:30: Sarah: “It’s gunna be okay.” Just keep tellin’ yourself that, Sarah.
7:25: Excellent last question by Ifill: have you ever been forced to change a policy position in view of developments concerning that issue? Biden’s answer is thoughtful and heartfelt.
Palin says nah, not really. Then swerves off on another dumbassed rant about bringin’ people together.
7:23: A diverse background of partisanship? Followed by another ranting ramble of jumbled cheerleading. Sarah, if there was another debate, you could just phone it in in the form of Madlibs.
7:20: Jesus. I can’t keep up with the hollow crap that Palin is spouting. I think I’m about seven useless platitude behind.
7:17: Another non-answer to Ifill’s question about Cheney’s place in the administration. More rambling, more fallbacks. Biden: Cheney is “the most dangerous Vice President we’ve had in history.” An excellent, articulate answer, intense and effective.
7:14: Sarah: advice–
When you’re in a hole, don’t ask for a shovel.
7:12: God she’s hateful. “Say it ain’t so, Joe.” I’m sure that one’s on her notecards.
For someone who’s already been surrounded by schoolteachers, why is she such an ignorant, extremist twit? Didn’t they teach her you can only go so far with memorization?
That ‘extra credit’ shoutout seriously made my skin crawl.
7:09: Biden is doing well. Palin’s answers seem increasingly random, although she tends to be relying on three or four rote replies, mostly based around buzzwords and attacking Biden for inconsistencies with Obama.
Now she’s falling back on folksy populism again and it sound ultimately hollow.
7:07: God. Pathetic. She’s comprehensively transparent. It’s full-on, unblinking, empty rhetoric.
7:04: “But. As for Darfur…” Yes, another non-answer.
7:03: I can’t wait to hear what Palin says about Darfur, let alone Bosnia. I can see her eyes glazing over as she starts some other dumbassed rant. Aw gee. She’s an outsider!!
6:58: I just realized I haven’t seen any of CNN’s dopey guages and meters for the past hour and haven’t missed them a bit. Just as I realize this, my Slingbox stream freezes and I have to restart and rewind. I resolve to be less smug. Maybe.
6:55: Palin again doesn’t answer Ifill’s followup about Bush’s Israel policy and responds with two minutes of vague, offtopic cheerleading. Creepy in its enthusiasm.
6:54: Biden’s anti-administration rant on Israel is effective. Even Palin gets all warm n’ fuzzy.
6:51: Palin on Israel: she won’t really answer the question, but will talk about Iran wiping Israel from the face of the planet, guaranteed.
6:50: Biden revises the McCain/Palin revisionist history of Obama’s stance on negotiating with Iran.
6:50: I wonder if Kissinger made a pass at her.
6:49: Palin as attack-hockeymom. No real answer about Pakistan, but rips into Obama for his willingness to negotiate with all the evildoers.
6:48: Palin’s eyes are on her notecards for the answer. Apparently these cards don’t suggest the proper way of pronouncing “nuclear.”
6:47: Biden gets a bit strident on the Pakistan answer. Articulate, passionate…. and/but strident.
6:43: Palin: “um…. your plan is a WHITE FLAG OF SURRENDER IN IRAQ!” She then rambles incoherently about knowing when we’re good and ready to leave when….well, when she sees we’re good and ready to leave.
6:40: Palin, um, wedges her congratulations on Biden for disagreeing with Obama on the surge issue during the primary debates.
I wish she’d learn to pronounce “Iraq”.
6:39: Biden and Palin: gays shouldn’t be able to marry.
6:38: Same-sex benefits policy, Palin-style: it can’t redefine the love between a man and a woman. Other than that, we’re….tolerant. And diverse. N’ stuff. She doesn’t really answer the question, but says it’s okay for those gays to visit each other in the hospital. n’ stuff.
6:35: “Senator O’Biden”. Beautiful.
6:33: Biden is doing well. He’s moderating his voice and emphasizing appropriately. You can tell he’s done this before.
6:31: Palin on climate change: I’m (again) waiting for a coherent sentence, let alone a train of thought that makes a minimum of sense.
6:30: Palin is getting better at answering the question she wishes she’d been asked. She keeps disregarding Ifill’s prompts and going off on paraphrasing memorized rants.
6:28: Sarah just keeps on droppin’ those Gs. It’s obvious she’s been coached to present a down-home, glib alternative to Biden’s talky wise-old-white-guy pose.
6:27: The pace is really brisk. I’m glad I went to the bathroom a half hour ago. Damn. A half hour ago? *sips water*
6:25: The empty platitudes just keep on coming.
6:23: I’m suddenly aware that Palin namechecks her running mate a LOT more than Biden mentions Obama. It’s almost like she’s taken a night school branding class. She’s rambling, too. Jesus, is she rambling.
6:21: Oooh. The crowd responds to Biden’s “ultimate bridge to nowhere” zinger, but Ifill steps on it. Gwen, don’t mess with his timing!
6:19: Palin’s eager stare-into-the-camera approach seems a bit conflicted when she attempts to engage Biden’s crinkle-eyed gaze.
6:18: Paying your taxes isn’t patriotic? That’s where you and Todd and the other middle-classers have been?
6:17: Biden hasn’t exceeded his allotted time yet. Palin did with that last tax rant. Just sayin’.
6:14: Biden’s pointing out that “the Governor” isn’t answering certain charges. True– she’s going to obsess over obfuscations and half-truths regarding a bunch of tax stuff she’s worked hard at memorizing.
6:13: Darn right she’s been coached to emphasize the folksy catchphrases!
6:12: Biden is on the attack. He sounds comfortingly wonky without resembling Kerry. Or Gore. Much.
6:10: The Pander-Off! Joe SixPack! Sarah Hockeymom! Who’s with me!
6:09: Palin better take a breath; her cheerleading is making her turn kinda blue.
6:08: Biden is cribbing from The Daily Show with this McCain timeline. That’s hot.
6:07: I feel as if Palin is looking into my soul. I try not to squirm. You betcha!
6:05: Biden is kinda droning earnestly. I distract myself by adjusting my Slingbox screen so I can’t see the readout of the Undecided Peception Analyzers from Ohio. I feel better.
6:02: “Oh, can I call you Joe?” Oh Sarah, sure, disarm us before the first question!
5:59pm PT: Just in case you’re not sure what to think about the debate, CNN will have Perception Analyzer readouts and (on CNN HD) an Analyst Scorecard on the sidebar of the screen. As the National Lampoon used to say, just remember: you can’t spell “analyst” without ANAL.

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