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Liveblogging the Palin Speech at the RNC

by admin - September 3rd, 2008.
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7:32pm PT: She accepts! OK. Now that that’s out of the way….
7:35: Will someone please tell her how to pronounce “Iraq”? “Nuclear,” too, while I’m thinking of it.
7:36: Pimp son for beginning his tour in I-Rack. Check.
7:37: Okay, spotlighting your Down Syndrome infant is pretty gauche. Let’s move on.
7:39: Congratulations on marrying someone who’s good at snowmobiling. “Quite a package.” Check.
7:41: Invokes Harry Truman. Oh, was he “a very average hockey mom,” too?
7:42: The pitbull joke again. Is this the talent portion of the contest?
7:43: The Obama dis falls a bit flat; her delivery’s a tad off (possibly robbed of some of its impact by a demonstrator being led from the hall).
7:45: SAN FRANCISCO DIS!!! She hurt my feeling!
7:46: The choir appears to be fully preached-to. Yes, the Republican party has always embraced public servants who “challenge the status quo.” *blinks rapidly*
7:48: Aw shucks, true reform is often difficult to achieve! She sold her state’s luxury jet on ebay! (Meg Whitman sheds tear).
7:50: Your state budget has a surplus because your state is swollen with oil tax revenue. You told congress thanks-but-no-thanks-on-the-Bridge-to-Nowhere AFTER you told them yes, please. A finger to the oily wind told you to fight THAT particular status quo.
7:52: This is becoming a desperate advertisement-for-herself. OK, now she just segued from a litany of her state achievements to invoking the Georgia-Russia conflict. Wheeee! She’s an instant foreign policy wonk– just add oil!
7:54: More pipelines, more coal! Oh, and that alternative stuff….yeah, that too! We need American sources of, um…resources!
7:55: Obama never says “victory” except for his own selfish purposes! Styrofoam! Styrofoam columns, I tell you!
7:57: She’s been taking sarcasm lessons from America’s Mayor. NOT very attractive.
7:58: Strawman argument about Obama wanting Miranda Rights read to terrorists. Check!
7:59: Tax! Tax! Tax! Obama will tax my gas-station-owning relatives! Meanie!
8:00: “Using their careers to promote change” switcheroo: Republican fax machines are humming– new talking point!
8:02: Harry Reid doesn’t like John McCain! A negative indicator! Well, doesn’t that stew your moose!
8:04: Snide references to “personal discovery” and “organizers.” Leading in to (finally!) reference to the McPOW!
8:05: From the Hanoi Hilton to the Oval Office! Can I get a hell yeah? Can I get an applause line?
8:07: Continues shameless references to POWs and torture so John McCain doesn’t have to, yes.
8:09: It’s over. She looks relieved as she paces, attempting stiff waves, a huge video-virtual flag flying behind her. Family joins her onstage. McCain follows.
8:12: I believe I’ll have a drink.
[update 9:55pm: here's the text of the speech].

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