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A Treatise On Cosmic Fire (excerpt)

by admin - August 24th, 2008.
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Transposed down a half step, as originally recorded.
The original is 36 minutes long and comprises side two of 1975′s Initiation LP. All instrumentation is by Rundgren and Roger Powell, including (I believe) the first– or at least the most extensive– use of rhythm machines on a Billboard Top 100 album at the time (actually, I think Kraftwerk’s 1974 LP Autobahn was probably first in that category, hairsplitting-wise). It was also the longest album side ever recorded, and the piece had to be sped up a half step to fit on vinyl.
This excerpt showcases some of Todd’s most beautiful and untethered solo guitar work.
The title was taken from a book by Alice Bailey.

Bailey also had a hand in developing the concept of The Seven Rays: here’s Utopia doing its part in 1978, with Todd pulling out all the prog-guitar-god stops….and the 1975 model (power sextet! three keyboard players!!) showing the kids some metaphysicality.

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