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iPhone Photography Awards: The Prize is . . . Vapor?

by admin - August 9th, 2008.
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The deadline for entries was late April ’08; no winner has been announced on the site, and no one from the site answers emails. This wouldn’t be that big a deal if the entrants hadn’t paid a fee for each photo submitted.
Someone spammed several Flickr iPhone groups about the contest early this spring. Last month I followed up with some Flickr discussion threads inquiring about the status. Again, silence.
From what I can determine, Kenan Aktulun organized the contest, or is, at least, the press contact for the site. He doesn’t answer emails, either.
The following folks are (were?) finalists. If any of them read this, please email me at the “contact paul” link on the bottom left margin of this page. Thanks!
Armondo Mendez
Audrie Magno Gordon
Benjamin Nickolls
Brittany Thurman
Corey Beaman
Elizabeth Vargas
Gara Gillentine
Greg Schmigel
Greg Wilson
Irfan Rydhan
Ismael A
Jeffrey Crerie
Jesse Wright
Jessica Lim
Jim Starr
Jose R. Gelats
Kimberly Thurman
Leila Djemile
Michael Hopkins
Ricki Goldhamer
Ramona Gillentine
Ron J. Lemise
Russell Ramsey
Saul Quinn
Sean Miller
Simia Ramsay

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