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It All Depends On How You Define “Terrorism”

by admin - June 24th, 2005.
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Dick Cheney was interviewed on Thursday about insurgent violence in Iraq. He repeatedly referred to the particpants as “terrorists.” He admitted there are months of bloodshed ahead, regardless of the fact the situation is “in its last throes.”

A U.S. General evidently disagrees.
In the same Senate committee hearing that involved a “strangely silent” Donald Rumsfeld, General John Abizaid reported the level of insurgency is “about the same as it was six months ago.
A Washington Post article from April (registration required) explains the spin Bush and company like to put on world terrorism statistics. This passage, in particular, spells out the Administration’s company line:

Under the standards used by the [U.S.] government, “significant” terrorist attacks are defined as those that cause civilian casualties or fatalities or substantial damage to property. Attacks on uniformed military personnel such as the large number of U.S. troops stationed in Iraq are not included.

Figures don’t lie, but liars sure figure.

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