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“No Relief In Sight”

by admin - June 30th, 2008.
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CNN story on California wildfires.
The Northern California summary breaks down the needs for major regional fires. The details for the Lightning Complex fire near Shasta Lake state:

Regional power transmission facilities and critical infrastructure operated by the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) are now in imminent danger from the SHU Lightning Complex. Three major transmission lines totaling 690 KV(442 megawatts) are powered by the dam. Shasta power generation flows to California ISO and the Western Power Grid. Fire impacts to the transmission lines would potentially cause power outages to local areas, brownouts/blackouts to parts of Northern California, tax other providers to the grid and temporarily force California utilities to purchase additional power from out of state resources.

A thermal inversion layer over this part of the state has lifted, resulting in better air quality in San Francisco and the Pensinula. Some local media outlets are reporting lessening smoke. This seems to be the predominate development that news media are seizing upon. However, I’ve found only one story that specifically mentions the Shasta situation– but not possible blackouts, let alone the need to conserve electricity. If the temperature rises at the end of the week and people turn on their air conditioners, Northern and Central California could suffer some significant power problems.

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