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Speakeasy is Sucking

by admin - April 17th, 2008.
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I’ve been using Speakeasy for DSL, email and various other things since 1999.
Last year they were bought by Best Buy. I shuddered, and braced for Speakeasy to begin sucking.
At work we use them for T1 and hosting our website. All our employees depend on Speakeasy for email.
Tonight at 5:15 my email client began repeatedly requesting password authentication for all its various Speakeasy email addresses. Entering the passwords would do no good; the program would just ask again.
I switched to “MySpeakeasy” webmail. Sometimes I could log on, sometimes I got bumped off. Luckily email was still being received and stored.
I looked at Speakeasy’s System Status popup:
04/16/08 06:18:42 AM
MySpeak and Mail Issues
Region : All
E.T.A. : None
Services Affected : Webmail, Mail
We are currently experiencing technical difficulties affecting our mail service including mail delivery, Webmail login, and MySpeak login.
Our engineers are currently looking into the issue.
We thank you for your patience as we work to resolve these issues as soon as possible.
Update: 04/16/08 06:38:22 AM
This issue has been considered resolved at this time.
Update: 04/16/08 08:57:15 AM
Login to MySpeak and Webmail may be intermittent again.
Our engineers are aware of the issue and are now looking to resolve it ASAP.
Update: 04/16/08 10:15:58 AM
This issue is now resolved again.
Update: 04/16/08 06:41:06 PM
This issue has recurred, so customers will experience authentication problems when attempting to access their email or MySpeakeasy. We continue to work on a full resolution of this issue.
Update: 04/16/08 10:10:21 PM
Email services and myspeak are working at this time. The services may continue to be intermittent. We continue to work on a full resolution of this issue.
It’s now 12:10 the next morning. I logged on to my office computer via Timbuktu: still no email downloaded since 5:15pm.
Speakeasy is sucking.

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