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Talk About the Weather

by admin - January 10th, 2008.
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A huge storm hit these parts on Friday, January 4th. I was without power from 9am that day until 2pm Sunday. I’d bought a gas generator the day before, thinking I could hunker down and maybe keep my fridge going and have some internet access while the lights were out.
But along with the blackout, Comcast cable/phone/internet went down at 2pm Friday and remained out until about 2pm Sunday. I’d drive out along Skyline to a point where my cellphone would work, call Comcast, and listen to them explain there were no other reports of outages in my area (which, go figure, turned out not to be true).
Large redwoods, oaks and madrones had fallen everwhere along Skyline Blvd, and some blocked roads. But not for long. Local residents and CalTrans did a great job keeping the highway clear. And PGE worked incredibly hard to get power back up, flooding the area with utility trucks until everything was working again.
Just west and north of here, the Half Moon Bay newspaper has also been going bonkers with coverage. Note the extreme storm damage in the photo above– a ten foot section of white picket fence could not withstand the 50mph winds. Gosh. Also note the poll on the top right of the page– rage over power outages is running the whole spectrum, from A to B.
The Saturday after the windstorm brought thunder, lightning, snow, sleet and hail to my cozy little mountain (well, 2000 feet elevation) neighborhood. It was very exciting. A meteorologic journal of the days’ events can be found here and here. Check out them wind gusts on the 4th and the plunging noontime barometer on the 5th– that’s when the hail hit. Good, geeky fun.
A week laster: people in my neighborhood still don’t have working ATT landlines, a story that local news has seized upon, and rightfully so. Most cellphones barely work up here under the best conditions, so people get understandably nervous when landlines go down. The only thing worse than Comcast customer service is ATT customer service, apparently. The Kings Mountain Yahoo mailing list has been humming with righteous fury. Warms my heart, it does.
Although folks tell me this was a “five year storm…maybe ten” and it most likely won’t be this bad again anytime soon, it was good practice to learn how to fire up a 5000 watt generator and keep it running in a major (by California standards) gale.
However, on Saturday afternoon I bailed. I wrestled the cat into her carrier, and– in the midst of the hailstorm– drove down the mountain to SF to try to take advantage of relatively calm weather (and broadband) there and to catch up on work. I ended up sleeping at the office that night.
Some mountain man.

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