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Another Dozen Over

by admin - December 31st, 2007.
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fungi duffSome of my favorite things in 2007, in no particular order:
Nick Grey Thieves Among Thorns CD (Hand/Eye)

Shulman Endless Rhythms of the Beatless Heart CD (Aleph Zero)

Kiln Dusker CD (Ghostly International)

Robert Wyatt Comicopera CD (Domino)

Terry Riley Les Yeux Fermes & Lifespan CD (Elision Fields)

Harry Shearer Dropping Anchors CD / Le Show (Courgette/Syndicated)

Angels of Light We Are Him CD (Young God)

Stars of the Lid And Their Refinement of the Decline CD (Kranky)

Biosphere Live at Recombinant SF, 9/15/07

Matmos/Zeena Parkins Live at Henry Miller Library, Big Sur, 9/8/07

Brian Eno 77 Million Paintings software/DVD (Ryko)

Lightroom software (Adobe)

After repeated listenings, I’ve realized it’s necessary for me to highlight the Nick Grey album (listed first, above). The track “Montréal (Vue Aérienne) ” is my favorite song this year; it’s the sort of thing I force friends to listen to on headphones. I wish I could post an MP3 of the song here (and I may do so soon if I can get permission*).
I don’t often rave about albums anymore, but if I still wrote about music I’d easily come up with a page or three of reasons why people should buy Thieves Among Thorns. Luckily, Julian Cope has taken a lot of the words out of my mouth.
Here’s some Grey links:

Buy Thieves Among Thorns directly from Nick Grey
Thieves AmongThorns CD on Amazon
Today I celebrated New Year’s Eve by exploring the hiking trails near from my home. The photo above is from that walk. More pictures (including others shot on the new iPhone) can be found on the Flickr page.
* UPDATE 1/11/08
I got permission to post the Nick Grey track:
Montréal (Vue Aérienne) MP3 [5mb]
Montréal (Vue Aérienne) AAC [3.37mb]

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