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Doug Morris Embarrasses Himself

by admin - November 27th, 2007.
Filed under: egos, media, music, riaa, tech.

I Couldn’t Find My Ass with My Ass Dept, Pt II:
Doug Morris phones in an update on the pathetic scrabblings of his dead business model.
New York magazine chooses the following money [sic] quote:

“There’s no one in the record industry that’s a technologist,” Morris explains. “That’s a misconception writers make all the time, that the record industry missed this. They didn’t. They just didn’t know what to do. It’s like if you were suddenly asked to operate on your dog to remove his kidney. What would you do?”

Personally, I would hire a vet. But to Morris, even that wasn’t an option. “We didn’t know who to hire,” he says, becoming more agitated. “I wouldn’t be able to recognize a good technology person — anyone with a good bullshit story would have gotten past me.”

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