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Burma/Myanmar Human Rights Abuses

by admin - October 1st, 2007.
Filed under: george bush, government, harry shearer, human rights.

George Bush is desperate for some trace of a legacy and knows people no longer listen when he lectures on Iraq. So he’s latched onto recent outrages in Myanmar. It’s nice that George can finally find time to muster some lip service on the subject, but what’s going on in Myanmar isn’t new, and, compared to human rights abuses in China, Russia and, say, Saudi Arabia, it’s interesting that Bush would focus on a small country with little economic or strategic influence (oh. wait).
Cable news doesn’t seem to be going for it, either. They’ve got more important trivia to bore us with.
Major news outlets appear to believe that, since there’s little or no broadcast-quality video coming out of the country, that American news consumers don’t care. As with Darfur, Rwanda, and other fresher, more recent tragedies, news editors believe that we lack as much imagination as…well, they do.

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