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A Farewell to Turdblossom: Deconstruction of a Wilt

by admin - August 15th, 2007.
Filed under: 08 Elections, dick cheney, egos, elections, george bush, government, iraq, karl rove, schadenfreude.

James Carville dissects Karl Rove:

Mr Rove’s famous electoral strategy – focusing on the Republican base first – is also largely responsible for a shift in international public opinion against the US. It would not be fair to blame Mr Rove for the Iraq war. But it is clearly fair to blame his strategy for the Terry Schiavo fiasco and the Republicans’ adherence to the policies and doctrines of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and James Dobson. The world and now most of the US are contemptuous of the theocratic underpinnings of the policy Mr Rove ushered into government.

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