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Brisbane….The Final Farewell (An Excerpt from the Forthcoming Novel)

by admin - July 23rd, 2007.
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fionaThis, friends, is what blogs are for. So make a quick bathroom visit, grab a recreational beverage, have a seat and spend some quality time with me, won’t you?
I’ve moved the last of my belongings from Brisbane. I can’t say it’s a bittersweet goodbye; there seems very little that’s sweet about my final three months there.

I used to find those uniquely Brisbane things– things like the use of traffic pylons as vase-holders for sympathy bouquets [click the photo for detail]– well, quaint and ironic, but now I just view them as absurdly…disturbing. And, of course, a metaphor. For something or other.
I’d been trying to find a place in Woodside for the past year or two, but during mid-May, my hand was forced. The new landlord of my Brisbane flat began cutting trees down and instituted a whirlwind series of unnannounced renovations, literally on, over, and under my doorstep.

The day after I signed a month-to-month lease for a cramped, dark in-law studio in Woodside, I came home from work to find a 60-day eviction notice on the door in Brisbane. Over the next couple nights I managed to pack a few boxes of belongings before leaving for 13 days of housesitting in Kaua’i.
At the end of June– with two days remaining in my Kaua’i trip– my new landlord in Woodside emailed to inform me she was putting the house adjoining/above my inlaw rental on the market on July 15th. The next day I received an email from my friend Gina, who, along with friends Marg and Mike, was taking care of my cats. She mentioned she was worried about Seuss. He’d stopped eating and seemed increasingly listless.
Although the new landlord offered to let me bail on the rental agreement, I decided to move in anyway– after forcing her to amend the contract to a 3-month lease, effective June 15th (many thanks to friend Kathleen for suggesting this course of action).
The day after my return from Kaua’i, I took a very emaciated Seuss to the vet. He had become critically ill with acute pancreatitis. The day following his return from the hospital I had to begin dismantling my rental space around him. A timid, skittish, 14-year old twitch of a cat, he made it through the disruption of packing and moving like a true champion.
Three weeks later, he’s partially recovered, with the aid of steady ongoing doses of prednisolone and subcutaneous fluids. His prognosis is iffy, but today he seemed stronger than ever. He even brought down a rogue fly this afternoon, after stalking it for a half hour. This is a major positive development, believe me.
Since moving to Woodside, the past two weekends (and some weekdays) have been spent enduring open houses and agent showings. I’ll most likely have to move again on September 15th. My rental status is at the mercy of whoever ends up buying the place.
The motto for 2007 is It’s Always Something.
At some point I’ll go into detail about some other somethings from the past two months, including planning commission meetings, angry neighbors, community activists, and all manner of emotional lava. You won’t want to miss it.
And in conclusion (for now), thank you for being there for me. Has anyone ever told you you’re a good listener?

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