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It’s Been Over Two Years Since I Posted Any Todd Rundgren Lyrics

by admin - April 20th, 2007.
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..and this, of course, will not stand.
Temporary Sanity
I had such great expectations of the world’s benevolence
Of benevolence
I prefer hallucinations ’cause they tend to make more sense
Than experience
But it was just another sneak attack of temporary sanity
It was a pleasant stay, but now I’m back from temporary sanity
My temporary sanity
I began to grow dependent on a thing called common sense
It was common sense
But my world grew so resplendent that the strain was too intense
Without self-defense
The pool spreads ‘cross the pavement where the sniper made him lie
And he looks just like my youngest, and I’m watching him die
I must remind myself I’ve seen this, it’s all ancient history
One long trail of twisted bodies as the strong crush the weak
We must be crazy, we are crazy, this is our natural state
As our children die around us, we just sit here and wait
For a little temporary sanity
Some temporary sanity
There’s a chance that we would still get the picture
If reality just came up and bit ya
But the news team would never report it
Because there’s too much evidence to support it
If we was stupider the problem would vanish
But our brains are much more than we can manage
We say we want something so bad we can taste it
But once we get it, then we turn ’round and waste it
We got a twisted fixation with the marketplace
And every sufferin’ soul is just another face
We think we’re bein’ manipulated from outer space
It’s the collective guilty conscience of the human race
We get joyful when we look upon a lesser man
A specimen we can be sure that we’re better than
There is no shortage of supply of pride and vanity
There is no explanation but INSANITY
You’re listening to Prozac while the message goes unheard
It’s the final word
We must be crazy, we must be crazy
There’s no explanation so we must be crazy
We must be crazy
We must be crazy
– Todd Rundgren (1995) from The Individualist

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