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This Is the Best Time You Can Have in the Bay Area on 6/21/05

by admin - May 31st, 2005.
Filed under: music.

The Garden of Memory at Chapel of the Chimes.

Artists include:
Krystina Bobrowski
Monique Buzzarte
Sarah Cahill
Cornelius Cardew Choir
Luciano Chessa
Joe Colley
Paul Dresher and Joel Davel
Larnie Fox
Miguel Frasconi
Ellen Fullman and Celeste Hutchins
Mamoru Fujieda
Phil Gelb
Victoria Jordanova
Henry Kaiser, Jen Baker, Damon Smith
Elaine Kreston
Gregory Kuhn
Mills College Didjeridoo Ensemble
Gregory Moore
Amy X. Neuberg
Maggi Payne
Philip Perkins
Dan Plonsey
Jon Raskin
Brian Reinbolt
Sagan: Blevin Blectum, Lesser, Wobbly
Dean Santomieri
Jason Serinus
Tonal Chaos
Geirr Tveitt/Lino Rivera
William Winant Percussion Group
Katie Wreede
Ya Elah
Pamela Z
Aaron Ximm

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