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Hello? Are Witty, Pretty New Media Personalities Not Permitted To Shill?

by admin - March 26th, 2007.
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From the I Make The Rules Up As I Go Along And Gloat About It department….
Amanda Congdon got just the eensiest bit defensive when folks noticed her online video clip for DuPont last week.
She protests a bit too much, and if the “ahhh-this-is-what-I-intended-all-along!” spin is annoying, at least it’s transparent.
“I don’t want a role as a traditional journalist right now.” Not when I can take viral-marketing-co-op money from a company like DuPont while hoping y’all didn’t notice my environmental advocacy stand last year.
Dwelling on any such perceived hypocricy is just, oh, soooo Old Media.

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