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Out On A Limb With Zumbo

by admin - February 24th, 2007.
Filed under: guns, media.

It’s okay to lay waste to varmints with varmint guns, but not with assault rifles.
But it’s not okay to say that out loud.
I think this part sums up the article bestest:

Despite a profuse public apology and a vow to go hunting soon with an assault weapon, Zumbo’s career appears to be over.

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  1. It’s OK to say that outloud, but having the freedom of speech is not the same as having freedom from responsibility for that speech.
    This was a grassroots response to Zimbo’s post. Thousands of comments per day were posted on Jim’s blog before that blog was pulled offline. Then Jim resigned his position. All of that went down before the NRA issued their first press release.
    The groundswell of people that voiced their opinion about Jim to his ex-sponsors care deeply about their right to keep and bear arms, and don’t take kindly to the thought that the only legitimate purpose to keep their “Liberty’s Teeth” is so they can go hunting.

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