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Consumerist Fails To Attribute Purloined Flickr Photo

by admin - February 15th, 2007.
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A FlickrHelp thread is drawing attention to Gawker Media blog Consumerist’s unauthorized use of a Flickr member’s work. Please scroll down that page and follow the comments thread.
The non-attribution is one thing, but when commenters called the blog on it, editor Ben Popken replied:
I have now removed the link because we realize that this policy would be more trouble than it’s worth. If people want credit, they can ask for it. If people want their photo down, they can ask us. Otherwise, we’ll just go back to using the best photos we can find in order to illustrate our posts. If you guys want a bunch of ugly ass retarded stock photos all the time, you’re in the fucking wrong place.”
“Credit is more [trouble] than its worth because then we would have to deal with people bitching all day that we didn’t spell their name correctly, or they want their name and not their Flickr ID and so on and so forth… when my time is better spent looking for the next post to write. The next post that will save you time or money, or reveal some corporate skulduggery or whatnot. What is the greater good? To use the best photo possible to illustrate the post and move on!”
“I know, let’s make drawings of everything.
We are careful. We choose nice photos.
If musicians and producers used the same notions of copyright today back in the day, there would be no hiphop.
Consider us the Paul’s Boutique of consumer knowledge.”

Consumerist has now posted a montage of their Flickr favorites with a moderately snotty bit of text. Again, be sure to scroll down on the latter linked page and check out the comments.

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