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24 Polarizes Demagogues Of the Left And Right

by admin - January 17th, 2007.
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That’s right, the polemic spectrum– from A to B– is getting hysterical about the season-opening four episodes this weekend.
Keith Olbermann seems particularly shrill this time around– he reminds me of Dan Quayle tilting at the Murphy Brown windmill. And I’ve never wasted time questioning Rush Limbaugh‘s ability to parse the myriad shadings of reality and fantasy, either. And yeah, the negative indicators just keep on coming: Rumsfeld and Cheney count themselves as “huge fans.”
But Olbermann’s charges of Fox propagandizing and fearmongering are just sillyass pandering. He knows better.
Both sides need to quit hyperventilating and remind themselves that 24 is a slick, high-production-value adventure cartoon. The plots and subplots of its weekly episodes have holes you can drive Hummers through, sideways. Yes, I never miss an episode (it’s all part of my total commitment to draining any remaining adrenaline reserves I might have missed). Although its writers prioritize zeroing in on our worst fears, I don’t lose sleep over the show. It’s a manipulative, sometimes-lifelike horror serial– where the monsters happen to be terrorists and the politicians happen to be powerless. Imagine that.

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