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So Is That Your Life In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To…Wait Until June?

by admin - January 10th, 2007.
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is that your life in your pocket, or...?Dave Winer is pointing to two particularly insightful blog posts concerning yesterday’s Apple keynote by Steve Jobs:
Valleywag on vapor
Fractals of Change: it’s the network-tethering, dumbass
Do I want my Apple TV? Well, yeah. But would I rather have a Slingbox for about the same price– and be able to access it from computers and cellphones nearly anywhere? Probably. The only time I download video from the iTunes Store is when I’m on my laptop away from home, anyway; the ability to stream video wirelessly at home from my laptop via Apple TV would be nice but I don’t find the concept all that compelling just yet.
So let’s talk iPhone.
Most of the people who’ve seen the photos find it fascinatingly lickable. Any gadget-envy freak is already obsessing over this months before its June release.
But David Pogue at time.com has some caveats– he’s actually touched the hem of the iPhone garment and reports that, while “it feels amazing in your hand,” “typing is difficult.” MacRumors also reports that Pogue mentioned two other things (that aren’t in the time.com post, as far as I can determine): the phone can’t download songs directly from iTunes Store, and it won’t sync with a computer wirelessly. The former’s not a big deal for me but seems odd, and the latter is just stupid, if it’s true. I imagine that Apple wants to continue to physically and conceptually tether the phone to a base Macintosh device, as they did with ho-hum attempts to crack the cellphone market in the past.
So. The important part: how does this affect Me?
I have a Verizon Treo Palm 650 contract that runs out this December. I like the idea of a handheld device that runs OS X– Palm is buggy and unstable and people don’t develop for it like they used to. I’ve never been able to get the latest AvantGo app to work, for instance. I don’t really care so much about iPod integration; the only time I use mine is at the gym and having a cellphone at the gym means little to me. But wi-fi internet access is attractive in a handheld gizmo, and my Treo has gotten me (somewhat) used to cumbersome typing. I don’t like Cingular, but then again, I don’t feel a whole lot of love for Verizon, either.
Would (will?) I cough up $600 for the 8-gig model come June?
Like many others, I may just hedge my new-phone bets ’til then and give in to the heady fumes of Apple’s iPhone vapor. And I have a distinct vision of walking past dozens of other people clutching these things to the sides of their heads on the streets of the city come this June– iPhone zombies under the influence of the the iPod halo’s considerable shadow.

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