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I Am Mark’s Thesaurus

by admin - December 15th, 2006.
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I keep telling Mark that I’m tired. Dogeared. Exhausted. Used up. He leans on me and I get nothing back. Nothing.
I know, I know; it’s always about my needs. But god. Something has to change.
I keep telling him that I can’t figure out if his writing is the product of too many creative writing courses…or not enough. That his propensity for obvious and lazy pop-culture regurgitation and sledgehammer smarm makes me queasy, and that I can no longer read more than one paragraph before retching.
I’m sorry, Mark. Yes, we’ve been though a lot together. But I can’t take it anymore. I guess I just care too much. It’s over.
I’m sure you and thesaurus.com will be very happy together.

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