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Adam Curry’s Cutting-Edge Monotony

by admin - May 17th, 2005.
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In a recent Wired interview, Adam Curry talks about his new Sirius program and the phenomenom of podcasting in general.
Curry, as usual, overstates his ‘pioneering’ influence regarding podcasting, and again neglects to mention Dave Winer‘s key role in innovating the use of enclosures with RSS feeds.
Another point that’s inexplicably absent from most articles on Curry is…well, no one really ever mentions his podcasting content/style:
Adam doesn’t have a whole lot to say, but at least he’s enthusiastic about it.
He sounds overcaffeinated– which is usually the case, taking into account his shameless shilling for Senseo– and he drops coy references to how much pot he smokes. I’m not going to judge him for his lifestyle choices, but the combination of too much coffee and dopesmoking before podcasts doesn’t necessarily make for interesting content. He rambles, repeats himself, and goes off on ranting tangents that ramble into cul-de-sacs.
He’ll talk for 10 minutes about some minute change to his podcasting studio setup, then bitch about the gold records on the wall falling to the floor, then morph that line of thought into an embarrassing MTV remembrance.
It’s annoyingly self-referential and, ultimately, boring. He’s the podcasting equivalent of network morning TV and someone needs to tell him that he doesn’t have to podcast nearly every day– the quality might go up a tad if he’d dial the quantity down.

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