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The World Does Not Cease To Spin When Wealthy Web Blowhards Quit

by admin - November 22nd, 2006.
Filed under: blogs, egos, schadenfreude, tech, web.

…but the ripple effect on tech blogs can be great spectator sport. This morning Mr. Winer chimed in, too.
I’ve never been much of a Calacanis fan. I’ve also never been your basic Valleywag camp follower, although the redesign is good and Nick Denton is a much more substantive and less annoying/boring writer than the predecessor he canned. Nick Douglas was about as okay as you’d think a 22-year-old tech-industry-obsessed imitation of Ana Marie Cox might be, but he got, um, old fast.
As for Calacanis: however he tries to spin the numbers, pageviews for his retooled Netscape news portal went down 70% since he took over. That cuts through a lot of the noise.

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