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Electorate Hands Elephants Their Asses…

by admin - November 8th, 2006.
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Pelosi Eats President’s Lunch.
Karl Rove’s “architecture” is now a building in search of…um….a structural engineer. Yeah, that’s it. Suddenly no one cares about John Kerry’s inept standup routine, the Threat Of Gay Marriage, or Rush Limbaugh’s dumbassed gyrations.
And let’s see Bush talk about “political capital” now.
Washington Post:

Overall, 59 percent of voters surveyed in a news media consortium series of exit polls yesterday expressed dissatisfaction or anger with the Bush administration; 36 percent said they cast their vote to express opposition to Bush, compared with 22 percent who were voting to support him. Fifty-six percent of voters support withdrawing some or all U.S. troops from Iraq, which will embolden Democrats pushing for a pullout.

Andrew Sullivan leads the drumbeat to retire Rumsfeld early. And shame on me for missing this last week.

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