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Quiet Time

by admin - October 28th, 2006.
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So I haven’t been around these parts much lately.
Just to backtrack: about three days before the end of the housesitting stint, I was carrying my laptop around the property, trying to see what the wi-fi signal would be like in the guest house where I’d be staying the night my hosts returned from their trip. It had been raining for days, and the stepping stones leading to the cottage were slick and mossy. I slipped and did everything I could to avoid dropping the laptop. In my gyrations I managed to open up the side of my [warning: bloody pic on link that follows] foot pretty extremely. It was one of those clinically fascinating wounds that’s equal parts scrape, bruise, and cut. Whee.
It’s still not really healed all that well, two weeks later. “You probably should have had that stitched,” says a helpful colleague. Uh huh.
So that meant no beach for the last three days I was there. It also mean wearing sandals for two weeks, including on the the plane home, with a large bandage camouflaging the yuck.
So I get into SFO at 9:30pm on the 18th. I grab a cab home.
I walk in, throw down my shoulderbag, and try to determine what kind of damage the cats did while I was gone. After about a half hour I grab the laptop power cord from the shoulder bag and plug it in, then reach for my laptop sleeve.
It’s not there.
I left the laptop in the taxi. And I don’t remember the name of the cab company.
Four hours, 10 phonecalls to various taxi companies and one frenzied trip back to SFO later, I conclude that my laptop is gone forever. As a hail Mary I post a lost-and-found notice to Craigslist and try to go to sleep.
The next few days are spent trying to get caught up at work and, alternately, self-flagellating about the laptop. On Sunday morning I get very sick and spend the next three days in various stages of extreme flu symptoms, most of which involve laying on the living-room futon being comforted by two neglected cats. The badness relents last Wednesday, morphing into a moderately tepid cold.
Today I feel better than I have in, well, about 12 days. I’m looking forward to that extra hour tonight.
Thanks for listening. You might see more of me around here in the coming days; we’ll see. The new laptop gets here Monday. There will be much (okay, some) rejoicing.

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