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“Largest Earthquake In Hawaii Since 1983″

by admin - October 15th, 2006.
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hawaii quake
It happened around 7:07 this morning while I was making coffee. It was centered on the Big Island at the other end of the chain from Kauai, a couple hundred miles to the southeast.
At first I thought the cats were playing unusually rambunctiously on the deck outside, then I changed my mind and decided it was a freight train. But then I immediately realized there are no trains here.
The rumbling seemed low-level, and consistent, like thunder from far away– but it didn’t fade. After about 10 or 15 seconds it struck me that it was something else altogether. The sound suddenly intensified; the walls and floor began shaking and the ceiling fans swayed. I grabbed the cellphone and ran outside, locking myself out of the house in the process (a spare key under a plant saved me).
The really scary part was over in less than five seconds.
KKCR Is reporting that 99% of power has been lost on Oahu, and there are landslides and other problems on the Big Island. There appears to be no damage on Kauai (and the power is on here, despite what’s being reported on the mainland), but people on all Hawaiian islands are being told to stay off the roads and off cellphones and landlines.
It’s kind of strange (and unsettling) that there was no civil emergency message broadcast on the radio until nearly three hours after the initial quake. Not exactly a rapid response. Especially when you think of the possibility of a tsunami. I heard some folks in Hanalei, Wainha and Haen’a weren’t waiting for warnings and headed for higher ground, many still in pajamas.
While cnn.com is reporting no buildings damaged, people from the Big Island are calling Kauai’s KONG (no internet audio feed available, and it seems to be one of the only local radio stations broadcasting bulletins) and saying some houses are off their foundations there. It’s hard to believe there will be no injuries reported, eventually.
USGS Hawaii log for 10/15/06
Live streaming video from KITV Honolulu
Live streaming audio feed from KKCR
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