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Things Not To Do In Hawaii

by admin - October 11th, 2006.
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wailua lanai1) Leave a bagged loaf of bread on the countertop for two days. It goes moldy.
2) Leave crumbs on the countertop for more than 20 minutes. Ants invade.
3) Leave the top down on the rental convertible without looking at the sky every 10 minutes.
Because I know you’re curious, at left is my telecommuting setup. Yes, I work while I’m here. In the music business (such as it is) Christmas started a couple weeks ago.
Moments of recreation: Yesterday I returned to the Hindu Monastery to check on the progress at the granite temple they’re building. It’s coming along slowly, for some reason. Oh well. Good reason to come back again soon.
Tomorrow is beach day, weather permitting.
Tomorrow or Friday will be the day for a pilgrimage to Limahuli.

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