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Bush Administration Thinks You’re Stupid, Confused, And/Or Treasonous

by admin - August 31st, 2006.
Filed under: george bush, government, how to alienate me, iraq.

L.A. Times [registration may be required]
I find Keith Olberman predictable, smarmy and boring/annoying but last night he was in top form.
Too bad The Daily Show is on two-week hiatus; I’m sure they’d have a pointed segement or two regarding this.
Rumsfeld really did ace the subject: In the Administration’s typically myopic, cynical and self-serving manner, he belittled Americans’ Constitutionally-guaranteed right to dissent, ignored well-documented facts, and managed to trivialize World War II, all in a sentence or two.
Psyche up for a 20-day dog-and-pony road show by Bush while he tries to justify the ongoing tragic blunder that is present-day Iraq.

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