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Christopher Hitchens Salutes The Audience on Real Time With Bill Maher, 8.25.06

by admin - August 25th, 2006.
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hitchfingerA particularly cranky Mr. Hitchens flipped off Bill Maher’s audience when they booed him on last night’s program. Twice. [Click the image on the left to enlarge].
Here’s a better screen capture than mine, along with further (and endearingly slanted) details. A more elaborate rundown can be found at Althouse. Naturally, Crooks and Liars has the clip.
Hitchens is much more effective when not losing his cool, and he lost it several times tonight.
While I’m on the subject, Maher’s season-opener monologue was one of his worst ever. Again, he’s largely relying on cheap one-liners that would get rejected by Jay Leno. And the satellite interview with Spike Jones was just embarassing. Jones obviously wasn’t in the mood to play along. The segment was stilted, with no flow– far too many long, awkward silences that seemed to have little to do with satellite lag.
More on the Hitchens finger binge.
I also did some YouTubing and found the following:
Christopher Hitchens clips
This is one of my favorites. Hitchens apparently had inbibed a dram or four before arriving.

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