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Beyond the Mouse, the Eye, and the Index Finger

by admin - April 11th, 2005.
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I have RSI/tendonits/carpal in both shoulders and both wrists. My massage budget is pretty much already shot for ’05, so I think a lot about interface alternatives for the computer. Other than getting treatment for internet addiction, that is.
I did some searching and came up with the following quote from Brian Eno from a MOJO interveiw in May 2001:
Computers are hopeless! They’re so under-evolved! Of course, they offer the promise of the future of music, but Jesus, they’re badly designed! The fact that three million years of muscular evolution should end up being translated into an index finger clicking a mouse, this is the problem. Think of any analogue instrument: playing a guitar, for instance, you’re doing six things at once. I believe musicians have shrunk to fit the pathetic nature of the interfaces.
Think of it. More and more people are spending more and more time staring at screens, tensing one arm/hand, and clicking with one finger thousands of time a day. Never using their feet, their other hand (other than typing), or any other part of their body besides their brain. I’m not looking for an aerobic workout everytime I sit down to blogsurf, but here has to be some alternative that will even things out among the other parts of the body– at least the extremities.

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