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Paid By The Word: This Week’s Gina Arnold Award

by admin - July 21st, 2006.
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Deadlines are a bitch, particularly when you have nothing interesting to write about.
The result’s not a pretty thing to witness, either. Apparently the ability to sleep with a thesaurus under your pillow and wake up (optional– a lot of this stuff appears to be written in someone’s sleep) to string together non-sequiturs will get you a blog at SF Gate.
No extra credit for struggling through the entire entry, either.
Save your time and read this instead. Creme and Godley wrote it in 1979, and it’s the last word in all such quasi-metaphysical navel-gazes. I used to play this song to clear the store at 10pm when I was working in record retail.
One customer described the experience as “worse than water torture.” Ahh. My work here is done.
I still enjoy it much more than reading SF Gate‘s Culture Blog.

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