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Fiona Apple At Mountain Winery, Saratoga: Managing The Inner Basket Case

by admin - July 2nd, 2006.
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This was one of the best shows I’ve seen in years.
Despite the Paul Factor– yeah, the three most annoying people in the audience* were sitting to my left and behind me– Fiona managed to make it more than memorable. In a good way.
First of all, if you didn’t already know it, Fiona is a freak. Between songs she acts like a conflicted 13-year old on stage at a high-school talent show. She’s wearing this weird purplish choir gown and keeps grabbing at the waist, bunching it up, and doing these strange hip-swaying semi-dances, all pigeon-toed and half-bashful and impulsive and cute as all hell…the she realizes everyone’s watching and gets all self-conscious. She gradually goes back into this weird trance and scrunches up her face, grabs the mic and just…kills everyone. During the instrumental breaks she either does the quasi-dance or retreats to a keyboard riser and sits there, knock-kneed, all intense– looking like she’s trying to conjure up the next incantation of the night.
It helps that she has an adoring audience, of course. At one point early in the show a guy in the front rows yelled out “I love you and my wife says it’s okay!” Apple spent the next couple songs laughing at that one and thanked him later in the set for “the best heckle ever.”
I hereby smack myself in the forehead for nearly writing her off back in 1996 as an Alanis-esque, bitter – skinny – vicitm – girl – who – gets – near – naked – in – her – videos type. Extraordinary Machine was one of the best albums of last year, and watching Fiona mature is going to be one of the best musical things about this decade.
I found this quote in her site bio:

You don’t have to suffer for it all the time. It’s not like my inner basket case is absent, it’s
just that I’ve lived with it long enough that I can manage it now.

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