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Brian Eno, Will Wright and Spore

by admin - June 26th, 2006.
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The Long Now Foundation sponsored a talk with Brian Eno and Will Wright tonight at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco.
The appearance was sold out. Eno sat at a table behind a Powerbook, a portable CD player and what appeared to be a small mixing board. Sims creator Will Wright sat behind two laptops.
After (and during) a somewhat rambling and disjointed PowerPoint presentation from Wright, the two began riffing about “Playing With Time.” Eno vaguely touched upon generative music theory during repeated interruptions by Wright. Wright’s geek-programmer tangents were corralled more than twice by a gracious (and often bemused) Eno, who kept reminding Wright about something called “Spore.”
The bulk of the talk turned out to be a product presentation about Wright’s next computer-game diversion, Spore. This particular segment was guaranteed to provoke rabid word-of-mouth about the project. It’s a single-player game, but an aggregate online universe will be created by all users, where participants form and populate their own worlds and visit other planets and galaxies.
Spore will be huge, especially with kids. The ability to elaborately mold avatars and beings (“it took me three minutes to create something it would take someone at Pixar two weeks to do” said Wright after constructing a particularly goofy mutant animal) will instantly addict children and adults.
Eno’s contributions weren’t exactly groundbreaking, but were characteristically thoughtful and wonk-y. He concluded with a truncated version of his “Culture is everything we don’t have to do” speech.
All told, it was a worthy way to spend $10 on a foggy Monday night. Downloadable audio and a purchaseable DVD of the event will soon be available at The Long Now Foundation website.
[UPDATE 6/28/06 5:32pm: read what others thought].

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