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It’s cold and rainy and

by admin - January 11th, 2005.
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It’s cold and rainy and foggy and getting dark. My back and shoulders and neck hurt.
There’s a deserted beach somewhere on the north shore of Kaua’i with my name on it. Heck, I’d settle for an anonymous beach. Instead I’m here in an overheated, drafty office wearing too many layers of clothes, sitting next to a cat with cardiomyopathy.
I spent the last hour updating my RSS software and trying to sort out Podcast feeds. I listened to the post-CES Gillmor Gang and I began to get a headache when they got to the part about MacWorld. Next to the cardiomyopathic cat is a new G5 dual 2.0 that needs to be set up as a Filemaker server this week. Suddenly the tension in my back and neck seems to reach a new point in paralysis and I decide to stop typing.

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