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Gawker Stalker Gets Showbiz Tonight/CNN Play

by admin - March 17th, 2006.
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I’m reluctant to join the caravan of indignant folks grandstanding about Gawker Stalker incorporation of Google Maps in its near-real-time (well, delayed 15 minutes) celebrity-locating reports. But I’ve thought about it and I guess I’ll hop on the bandwagon.
I’ve always enjoyed the text of the Stalker weekly updates but using maps to pin down the exact locations of the reports is overdoing it. In the spirit of the pile-on campaign against Gawker, I’ve removed its link on the left sidebar. I’m sure the site won’t suffer from it; the CNN and Showbiz Tonight coverage today will most likely drive tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people to the site.
And oh, I took down the Wonkette link, too. Not because they stalk famous-for-DC folk, though. Just because the site is really boring since Cox left.

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