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Independent Music Business vs Major Label Business Hairsplitting

by admin - March 19th, 2005.
Filed under: complaining, music, tech, web.

A recent IT Conversations Voices In Your Head segment found Dave Slusher interviewing Magnatunes CEO John Buckman. A couple things Buckman said provoked responses from me in the
Evil Genius comments section.
Dave calls me defensive, and I guess I am. However, I found a few of Buckman’s comments glib and self-serving. I wanted to make sure some significant shadings of the many tiers and sectors of the music business are, at least, acknowledged.
Granted, this wasn’t a round-table interview, but a lot of people subscribe to IT Conversations and I’d like to think they deserve something a bit more balanced. Any perceived slant wasn’t Dave’s doing, or undoing — I just felt compelled to chime in. Probably comes along with having sentenced myself to working in the independent record business for a lot longer than I’d care (or am often able) to remember…

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